What is MDMA?

MDMA is a psychoactive drug primarily used as a recreational drug.When taken by mouth, effects begin after 30–45 minutes and last 3-8 hours. MDMA can also be snorted, which leads to a shorter, but stronger high. An alternative name for MDMA is molly. Ecstasy (XTC) is like MDMA, but a lot of the times it contains other substances, such as speed.
MDMA should have the appearance of crystal; if you have a crystal-like substance you should have purer MDMA. Crushed up powder/crystal means it could be cut. A rock of MDMA that isn't crystal means it could have been repressed (the less crystallic it is the higher chance of it being cut). Ecstasy usually comes in pills, and is most likely cut with speed.

Is MDMA safe?

MAPS states “in laboratory studies, pure MDMA has been proven sufficiently safe for human consumption when taken a limited number of times in moderate doses.” MDMA is as safe as skydiving - taking all the precautions before means there will be no harm. However, doing too much MDMA at once, or doing MDMA too often will have negative consequences. Moderate use is key.
Additionally, there is the risk of MDMA that is cut with other drugs. Test your MDMA. Test kits can be used multiple times, and they are one of the safest precautions to take before drugs. We are partnered with TestKitsPlus.com to bring you reliable test kits for affordable prices. Better safe than sorry.

What is the high like?

Taken in a positive environment, the desired effects include altered sensations and increased energy, empathy, and pleasure, both mentally and physically. Users experience a feeling of extreme euphoria in the head and in the way they feel. Mental and physical sensations are increased. Because of this, experiencing a head scratch on MDMA is one of the most pleasurable feelings you can experience. Essentially, on MDMA, everything feels better; music, nature, love etc. You can do something you always do, like go to the beach. But on MDMA, that trip to the beach will be one of the best experiences of your life, because every sensation is just so much better. Users experience dehydration and chitters in their jaw. On top of this, eye-rolling is also a symptom of one on MDMA. Sometimes users experience intense cold and intense heat, shifting in between. Sweating on MDMA is a common thing.


MDMA works by releasing large amounts of serotonin from the brain. However, releasing all this serotonin ends up depleting your brain of it, and serotonin is an important neurotransmitter. Low serotonin has causes many affects, such as depression and memory problems. It reduces your emotions and how you feel. With too much MDMA use, you can become an emotional zombie. Someone who is void of emotions, or has very little. Your brain will be fried essentially.

MDMA has a comedown. The day after (especially if you haven't taken the proper precautions) you feel drained. Both physically and emotionally. Your mouth might be busted with cankers because of you grinding your teeth. Your mouth might also be incredibly dry, hydrate a lot. The day after, users experience feeling tired and more sad than they normally are, and a lot of feel dull. For some people who experience mental health issues, MDMA is not recommended because sometimes using MDMA leaves one in a state of depression. Some believe that what you feel on MDMA do not compare to those while you're sober, and sometimes this really gets to people. They get tired with life because for some, being sober doesn't really compare. So watch out, MDMA can have an emotional effect you did not expect. As long as one does not overdo it and takes the precautions, MDMA should only leave one feeling tired and drained the next day, and sometimes a bit sore. For some though, the comedown is more emotional than physical.

What is sex like on MDMA?

Since physical sensations feel better on MDMA, it only makes sense that sex feels better as well. It's euphoric, and something a lot of couples look forward to doing on MDMA. Sex on MDMA is one of the best things you can feel (apparently it's much better for women as well, but I wouldn't know). For women, it gives them orgasms they feel through their whole body. Sex becomes a sensation they feel through their whole body. For men, it's harder to come on MDMA and molly dick is a thing. However, coming on MDMA is an amazing sensation the feeling feels like it won't stop. The effects of MDMA gives energy as well, so a couple on MDMA can make love all night. On top of the physical sensation, MDMA can give a strong emotional connection. If you're with someone you truly care about, you won't have sex. You will make love. On MDMA, making love is one of the most intimate and emotional experiences there are, and the physical pleasures that comes with it are equal to the emotional pleasure you feel. However, normal sex on MDMA is good too. Just be weary. Don't rely on MDMA to make love, and don't get addicted to MDMA enhanced sex. Like drugs, sex on MDMA should be a treat. Something you rely on, but not something you depend on.

How to enhance your MDMA experience

Snorting mdma or railing it is based on user preference. The effects are much stronger when MDMA is railed, but the high is shorter and it gives the user nasty drips. Remember to stay hydrated, you sweat a lot on MDMA. On top of hydration, be sure to have gum to chew to help with the jaw chatters. If no gum is available, keeping a cigarette between your lips is an alternative option. Taking magnesium before MDMA helps with the jaw chatters. In fact, magnesium is strongly recommended. Seriously, try it. Buy a bottle of magnesium. You're probably deficient in magnesium anyways. Take it before you take the MDMA.

List of vitamins/substances to take with MDMA and why you should take them

Enhance the high
Magnesium - Take 2,000mg (200mg elemental Mg) 6 hours before, 1 hour before, and during if need be. (Stops jaw from chattering)
Vitamin C - Take 1000 mg 1 hour prior to MDMA, and take after high. (Contains electrolytes, vitamin C and other substances which help you feel "healthier" during your high, elevate your high and also reduces your crash after)
Ginger - Ingest ginger during MDMA if you're feeling sick. We recommend ginger candies.
Tums - Take 30 mins prior to MDMA. (Tums prior to MDMA will lower stomach acidity and therefore increase MDMA absorption. Also helps the upset stomach MDMA users sometimes get)

Reduce neurotoxicity
Alpha Lipoic Acid - Racemic-ALA 200mg before MDMA dose and every hour of roll (Prevents MDMA induced neurotoxicity),
Grape Seed Extract - Take 100mg before and during high (GSA is a supplement high in vitamin E. Vitamin E deficiency has been shown to increase the severity of MDMA induced neurotoxicity)


We don't recommend doing MDMA. The sole purpose of this webpage is in harm reduction. MDMA is an illegal substance, and therefore it is unregulated. However, people will do what they want to do. We hope this webpage has given you more knowledge, and allows you to be safe with your use, if you choose to pursue it. Always test your substances.